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Article   23 Oct 2020

you have a website and your business is there? If your answer is yes, is necessary to know as your website security is very very important! Let's have the following scenario: What will happening if your website will be hacked and you will lost the personal informations of your clients? The GDPR law can be penalized you up to four percentage. This is just one of the problems. If you have a low online website security any hacker can be exploit your website and can be inject some malwares or viruses or stole the bank informations of clients. In this way your website will be destroy and your business will be go down.
For this reasons suggest you to use this online free tool to detect if you have any security issues in your web application and if you detect some issues, with pro version of this tool you will can solve any issues. We will let you know how and we will drive you to solve any bug from your website. We can check some type of security flags like XSS, SQL Injections (SQLi) flags, or other type of issues like OS Command, LFI, RFI issues. These are the most popular security web sites issue. In addition we can scan the SSL certificates to detect exactly vulnerabilities from your web application connection.

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